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Top Bikes List Videos

  • 1-2 minutes per bike per video
  • Best: 220k+ Viewers
  • Average: 70k+ Viewers

Bike Review Videos

  • 15-20 minutes per video
  • Best: 40k+ Viewers
  • Average: 10k+ Viewers

My goal with this channel is to build a community who invest in long-term engagement because they trust the information it provides.

Sam's Bikes is a dedicated electric Mountain Bike channel on YouTube publishing high quality videos every week. It holds a solid 3rd position on YouTube for Electric Bikes worldwide.

When I review a bike, I spend more time riding it than other YouTubers so I can talk in more detail about handling, geometry and the balance of motor and battery. With my passionate presentation style, I can give the viewer the feeling of riding the bike themselves.

My on-screen personality connects with serious long-term riders who want to know how a bike handles and also new riders who are looking to find the best value bike.

In addition to video reviews, I always take the time to give technical feedback and discuss marketing strategies with your team.

Sam pointing at things.

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95% Male aged between 35-65

  • Europe and UK: 42%
  • USA & Canada: 26.4%
  • Australia & New Zealand: 8.4%
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